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Carlsbad Strawberry Company U-Pick Farm, The Ultimate Guide

Nothing beats the delicious taste of sun ripened fresh strawberries. Add the opportunity to pick your own fresh strawberries and you are in for a real treat and a fun day. Carlsbad is the home of one of the best places for u-pick strawberries in Southern California, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. The Carlsbad Strawberry Company U-pick farm is a family-owned strawberry farm that has been around since the 1950s and is still owned and operated by the same family.

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company is open spring through the early summer months for strawberry season and again during the fall with a pumpkin patch. Whether you choose to visit during the strawberry season or when they have the pumpkin patch, you can spend a great day or afternoon visiting the Carlsbad Strawberry Company.

View of the Carlsbad Strawberry Company main building
Carlsbad Strawberry Company

Visit Carlsbad Strawberry Company During Spring and Summer

During the spring and early summer, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company’s main stand, off Cannon Road in Carlsbad, is open for u-pick strawberries and other attractions. Visiting the main farm is a lot of fun as there are several attractions to keep you and your kids having fun for several hours. There are also a few food vendors in case you get hungry. 

Carlsbad Strawberry Company Prices for the U-Pick Strawberry Field

The main attraction of the Carlsbad Strawberry Company’s main location is the u-pick Strawberry Field. The fee to enter is $15 a person which includes a bucket for picking strawberries. You can also pay $10 per person and choose not to pick strawberries. The bucket you get for strawberry picking can hold about two pounds of strawberries. It might seem like a small bucket, but the bucket holds a lot of strawberries, which is a great deal. And one of the best things about the strawberry farm is that you can taste a strawberry or two as you pick them. We tasted a few strawberries while filling our buckets, and they were absolutely delicious.

View of the u-pick strawberry field at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company
U-Pick Strawberry Field
View of strawberries in two buckets.
Strawberry Buckets

Bounce Around in Bounceland

Bounceland at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is a section full of bounce houses. Admission to Bounceland is an additional cost from the entrance to the U-Pick fields as it is run by a separate business. With the numerous bounce houses and slides in Bounceland, it is the perfect area to let kids get out some energy.

The entrance fee for Bounceland depends on how long you want to bounce around. One hour costs $30, and half an hour costs $20. If you are planning to spend half a day at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company, then the cost is $40 for two hours. If you are planning to spend the day at the strawberry fields, then for $50, you can have access to Bounceland for the day.

View of the entrance to Bounceland at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company
Entrance to Bounceland

Go For a Tractor Ride Around the Strawberry Field

For an additional fee, you can ride the Tractor. The tractor ride will take you around the fields at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. You may even get a great look at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon while riding the tractor. Tractor rides around the fields are available for $10 a person. If you have children 5 years of age or younger, tractor rides are free.

Make your Way Through the Sunflower Maze

When you first enter the Carlsbad Strawberry Company grounds, you will come across the Sunflower Maze. The Sunflower Maze is a popular attraction at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company.  The Sunflower Maze is a large field filled with beautiful Sunflowers. The Sunflowers are planted as a maze, allowing you to enter and walk through the field while you work your way through the maze. The Sunflower Maze is incredible as you will see sunflowers in different stages of growth. There are large sunflowers, smaller ones, and a few that are just beginning. It is a great place to take a few Instagrammable photos.   

View of sunflowers from the Sunflower Maze at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company
Sunflower Maze

Visit the Lavender Field

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company doesn’t just grow strawberries, they also have a beautiful Lavender field. We were not able to see the Lavender field during our visit in May, however, there was a sign posted that the Lavender field would be opening soon. Lavender season usually starts around mid-June towards July so the field should be blooming by early or mid-summer. The Lavender field is large, and I bet you could take some great pictures there. 

Visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Company During the Fall

If you visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Company during the Fall, you will be pleasantly surprised to find one of the best pumpkin patches to visit. Besides the pumpkin patch there are a couple of corn mazes to explore during your visit.

Visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Company Pumpkin Patch

If you visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Company during the fall, you will be just in time for Pumpkin Season. During the fall months, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company has a large pumpkin patch where you and your family can enjoy looking for the perfect pumpkin to take home. Many of the same activities are available to keep the kids entertained, however, due to the Halloween season, you will find a couple of cool corn mazes to explore as well. 

Visit the Corn Maze

The Corn Maze has 1.5 miles of trail for you to explore. The maze is similar to the Sunflower maze in that you walk the trails through the maze and find your way out of the maze. Of course, during the fall, the maze is through a corn field. The Corn Maze is a fun activity for families or even a date night.  

Visit the Haunted Corn Maze

The Haunted Corn Maze is an annual spooky event at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. The company teams up with the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation to create this special event. The Haunted Corn Maze is the perfect spooky maze to walk through during the Halloween season.  The Haunted Corn Maze is a spooky event and is created for teenagers and adults. As you make your way through the dark haunted corn maze, you will encounter many spooky characters working hard to give you a great scare. If you are looking for a haunted house type of experience, then this event is perfect. The Haunted Corn Maze is open Friday and Saturday evenings and costs around $45.00 per person. 

Go For a Tractor Ride around the Pumpkin Patch

A great way to tour the field is by taking a tractor ride around the field. The tractor ride is perfect for the kids (and the adults) and is a great way for them to get a different view of the field. You also get a great view of the lagoon that is close by.

View of the tractor rides attraction at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company
Tractor Rides

Visit the Marigold Field

During the Fall, there is a great Marigold field at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. The Marigold field has perfect fall colors of deep orange and yellow and are spectacular. You can visit the fields and take some great photos. Just be aware that you might encounter a bee or two. 

Feed and Pet Goats, Sheep and Rabbits

While visiting the Carlsbad Strawberry Company, you will also have the opportunity to visit the goats, sheep, and rabbits. When we visited the rabbits, I was surprised to see how large they were. The rabbits were absolutely beautiful and spend their time running around entertaining themselves. You can also pet and feed the goats and the sheep. The food that is used to feed the animals is provided by the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. Outside food should not be fed to the animals. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Carlsbad Strawberry Company

We thought of some additional information that you might need to help you plan your trip to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company. We hope this information is helpful in planning your trip to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company or finding their strawberries to purchase.

Where is the Carlsbad Strawberry Company Located?

The main location of the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is 1050 Cannon Road, Carlsbad, California, 92008. The main location is the only place you can do U-Pick strawberries. The strawberry farm is easily visible off the 5 freeway in Carlsbad, near Agua Hedionda Lagoon.

What are the Carlsbad Strawberry Company Hours?

The Carlsbad Strawberry Company u-pick farm is open everyday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The hours for the pumpkin patch differ a little. They are Monday-Thursday & Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:30 pm. The weather will affect the operating hours. If it rains, the farm will most likely close. 

Are There Other Places Where Strawberries From the Company Can Be Purchased?

Absolutely! The Carlsbad Strawberry Company has two strawberry stands that you can visit to purchase their delicious strawberries. One of the stands is in Del Mar on the corner of Old El Camino Real and San Dieguito Road. The second stand is located at one of the entrances to the parking lot for the Carlsbad Flower Fields off Paseo Del Norte. 

Where Do You Buy Tickets to Visit the Carlsbad Strawberry Company?

Purchasing tickets to visit the main U-Pick Strawberry Farm at the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is done in person. You will need to pay to enter the U-Pick Strawberry Farm. If you do not want to enter the strawberry farm area, there is a stand next to the ticket area that sells strawberries. You can also purchase other produce, in addition to strawberries, at the main location. 

Is There Parking and How Much Does It Cost?

Yes, there is ample parking at the main Carlsbad Strawberry Company location, and it is free. The parking lot is a large dirt parking lot with painted lines on the ground for the parking spots. When there are a lot of people at the strawberry farm, they have an additional parking lot that can be used. 

Are There Other Places Nearby to Visit as Well?

Yes! There are several places nearby that you can visit to turn your visit to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company u-pick farm into an incredible weekend or week-long stay. First off, you are in the town of Carlsbad. There are many incredible places to visit and things to do in Carlsbad, including Carlsbad Village. California is known for its beautiful coastline. There are many stunning coastal towns you can visit in California. Carlsbad is no exception. You can see the many beautiful beaches along the Carlsbad coastline. 

If you are in town on a Wednesday, consider stopping by the Carlsbad Farmers Market. There are many produce and fruit vendors, as well as artisan food products available at the Carlsbad Farmers Market. 

Very close to the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is the Carlsbad Flower Fields. The flower fields begin to bloom in March and the season goes into mid-May. The Flower Fields are absolutely beautiful. You should add a visit to your itinerary.

Also, if you are in town for several days, you can add the beautiful city of San Diego to your visit. There are many things to do in San Diego such as the amusement parks, visiting the beautiful beaches, and exploring the Gaslamp Quarter. 

If you really want to explore more of California, you can visit one of the islands of the Channel Islands Archipelago, such as Catalina Island, which is a popular cruise stop and weekend getaway.

Is the Carlsbad Strawberry Company Worth Visiting?

Yes, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company is definitely worth visiting! We had a lot of fun walking through the Sunflower Maze and picking deliciously sweet strawberries in the Carlsbad strawberry fields. Being able to taste the strawberries was an additional treat. What other strawberry farm lets you eat a few strawberries while picking strawberries? If you are visiting the Carlsbad area during strawberry or pumpkin patch season, we recommend stopping by and spending part of your day enjoying the Carlsbad Strawberry Company strawberry picking farm.

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