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Welcome to Rosebee and Reya Adventures!

Our goal in creating our Rosebee and Reya Adventures travel blog is to share our travel adventures and tips with you. We hope to help make your travel planning easier and encourage you to visit new places.


My name is Mireya, and my mom started calling me Reya when I was little, so that is a nickname I go by. Growing up, I watched my mom pursue her education, which led to me getting a B.S. in Biology and an MPH. I have spent just over six years working in the healthcare industry and have learned a lot from working in a clinic to working in clinical trials.

Thanks to my mom, travel has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As I have gotten older and started my career, I have been able to travel a bit more. I set a goal to travel to the over 30 locations I have pinned on my world map. This goal is now one of my main goals and in the forefront of my life. 

Because of this, I started thinking of ways to make traveling a career. This blog was the perfect answer! I started this travel blog with my mom to share our experiences and inspire others to explore the world. My favorite destinations to travel to are Hawaii and Fiji. I hope to add Italy to that list in the near future!

Mireya at Hoover Dam
Rosby having morning coffee in Fiji.


My Name is Rosby, pronounced like Rose Bee, which tends to confuse people, so I generally go by Rose. I spent many years pursuing an education, including a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and a J.D. I worked hard in my chosen career while using the PTO I earned for travel and road trips.

Travel has always been my passion, and I made sure to travel when the opportunity arose. After many years of doing this, I realized that a career that involved travel would be a better fit for me, and my focus turned to making this a reality. I started this travel blog with my daughter, who has traveled with me since she was a baby. My favorite travel destinations include 
Hawaii and the South Pacific.  I can’t think of a better career than writing about and sharing my travel experiences with everyone.

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