View of the Todos Santos letters

29 Absolute Best Things to Do in Todos Santos, Mexico

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Todos Santos is a quaint, charming town located on the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja California Peninsula by the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range in the state of Baja California Sur. If you are visiting Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, Todos Santos is easy to get to as it is located halfway between both towns. You might be wondering if Todos Santos is worth visiting during your Baja California vacation. The short answer is yes! Todos Santos is a beautiful, laid-back, artsy town with cobblestone streets that offers many things to do and sites to visit. It has a slower vibe than Cabo San Lucas or La Paz, and the people are warm and welcoming. 

Todos Santos was registered as a Pueblo Magico by Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism in 2006. The Pueblos Magicos program, Magic Towns program, was developed to identify towns in Mexico that according to the Mexican Government website, “has symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendent facts, everyday life, in short, magic that emanates in each of its socio-cultural manifestations, and that today represents a great opportunity for tourist use.” 

As its designation dictates, Todos Santos is rich in Mexican culture and historical relevance and has many spots to enjoy delicious tasting Mexican cuisine. Todos Santos is a great addition to your Baja California Sur getaway. Keep reading to learn more about the great things to do in Todos Santos

Visit the Hotel California

The Hotel California is one of the first stops tourists make when arriving in Todos Santos. Its popularity stems from the well-known song by the Eagles. In reality, the Hotel California in Todos Santos does not have anything to do with the song, but its name makes it a popular place. You will see many people stopping by and taking photographs and selfies in front of the hotel. 

While visiting the Hotel California, you can stop by and grab a bite to eat at La Coronela Restaurant and Bar located in the hotel. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there is a live band until 11 pm. If you are interested in staying at the Hotel California, you should call ahead to make your reservation, as the hotel only has eleven rooms available. 

Hotel California in Todos Santos
Hotel California

Visit the Plaza de Armas de Todos Santos / The Todos Santos Town Plaza

The town plaza is in the heart of Todos Santos. It is a great place to relax and rest if you have been walking around town. There are benches with palm trees that offer some shade, which is great on a hot day. There is a pavilion in the center of the plaza, and oftentimes, there are events in the plaza. The town plaza is surrounded by historic buildings including a cinema and several shops. Its location is perfect as you will be near many other sites which you can explore in Todos Santos.  

View of Plaza De Armas in Todos Santos
Plaza De Armas
The Theater / Cinema at Plaza de Armas
The Theater / Cinema at Plaza de Armas

Around the Town Plaza, you will see various colorful sculptures. The sculptures bring out the artistic culture of the town of Todos Santos. The church is located on Manuel Marques de Leon Street between Del Pillar and Todos Santos La Paz (Hwy 19).

View of a fish sculpture in Todos Santos
Fish sculpture

Visit the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Pilar / Our Lady of Pilar Church

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Pilar is the only Catholic Church in Todos Santos. The church is visible from and located across the street from the town plaza. The church was constructed in 1733 and was originally one of the first missions constructed in Baja California as the Spaniards began their move north from Baja California. Our Lady of Pilar Church has remained untouched during all this time and still has its historic charm. Self guided tours of the mission grounds are available if you would like to explore this historical mission. The church is located on Manuel Marques de Leon Street between Del Pillar and Todos Santos La Paz (Hwy 19).

Our Lady of Pilar Church
Our Lady of Pilar Church
Inside of Our Lady of Pilar Church
Inside of Our Lady of Pilar Church
Inside of Our Lady of Pilar Church
Inside of Our Lady of Pilar Church

Take a Photo in front of the Todos Santos Letters

The Todos Santos Letters are located by Our Lady of Pilar Church. The letters are in the same plaza area but are located to the right of the church. The Todo Santos letters are very popular for tourists and the town definitely delivers. The letters are colorful and make for a nice tourist photo. You will definitely find many tourists taking photos with these letters. Past the letters is an outlook where you will have a great view of the town.    

View of the Todos Santos letters
View of the Todos Santos letters

Visit the Árbol de los Deseos / The Wishing Tree

The Árbol de los Deseos, also known as the wishing tree, is located in a small shopping center on the corner of Manuel Marques de Leon and Todos Santos La Paz (Hwy 19). Near the tree there is a table with a sign that says, “Take a Chance, Share a Thought.” There are tags on the table, which are free, where you can write your wish or your thoughts (or both) and hang them on the tree. The tree is full of positive thoughts and wishes and is known to be a tree of positivity. The Wishing Tree and the shopping bazaar where it is located is next door to the church plaza. 

View of the wishing tree
The Wishing Tree

Visit the Wishing Tree Shopping Bazaar

Around the Wishing Tree is a great shopping Bazaar where you will find several vendors selling artisan products. There are many vendors to choose from and the items sold here vary from mugs, artisan products, to clothes. There is also a nice looking bar area. The bar resembles the Wishing Tree and has a few ornaments hanging from its wood type ceiling. The shopping plaza and bar are definitely worth visiting.   

Shopping Bazaar in Todos Santos
The Shopping Bazaar
Shopping Bazaar in Todos Santos
The Shopping Bazaar
The bar at the Shopping Bazaar
The bar at the Shopping Bazaar

Visit the Plaza del Beso

Plaza del Beso is another plaza with popular sites to visit including some instagrammable places. There are benches where you can relax and take a break from walking in downtown Todos Santos. 

Visit the Besame Mucho Bazaar

The Besame Mucho Bazaar is a great shopping location adjacent to the Plaza del Beso. Here you will find many items for sale including artisan products, wine, and other eclectic array of items. 

View of the Besame Mucho Bazaar from the street
The Besame Mucho Bazaar (on the left)

Take a Photograph by the Monument of the Sun

The Monument of the Sun is located on the wall of the Besame Mucho Bazaar in the Plaza del Beso. The Monument of the Sun is an artwork that was inspired by the Aztec Calendar. It’s an impressive piece that was made in collaboration with the Heaven and Earth artwork in 2012. It is a very instagrammable piece of art, you will more than likely see several tourists waiting to either photograph the piece or take a photo with the artwork. It is definitely worth seeing.

View of the Monument of the Sun artwork at Plaza del Beso
Monument of the Sun artwork at Plaza del Beso

Kiss your Significant Other on the Kissing Bench

The Kissing Bench is also in the Plaza del Beso. The bench is located against the wall of the Besame Mucho Bazaar. The legend of the magical  Kissing Bench is that if a couple sits and kisses on the bench their love will be sealed forever. Might be worth a try! Of course, if you really want your love to last forever, you should place a lock on the fence near the Kissing Bench.

View of the kissing bench at Plaza del Beso
Kissing bench at Plaza del Beso

Place a Lock on the Fence Near the Kissing Bench

After sharing a kiss on the Kissing Bench, you should place a lock on the french adjacent to the Kissing Bench to seal the deal. According to the legend, placing a lock on the fence will make your love eternal as it will be fed with the positive energy of love that radiates from the beautiful town of Todos Santos. Might as well! Right?!

View of the locks on the fence at Plaza del Beso
View of the locks on the fence at Plaza del Beso

Visit the Centro Cultural Prof. Nestor Agundez Martinez / Cultural Center

The Cultural Center in Todos Santos was founded in 1996 and is worth a visit. The Cultural Center has a large collection of anthropological, cultural, and historical items from the surrounding area. The museum has artifacts from the pre-hispanic era and the revolutionary era. The Cultural Center also offers artistic workshops such as painting, dance, and theater for the community. 

View of the Cultural Center
Prof. Nestor Agundez Martinez Cultural Center

On the grounds of the Cultural Center you will find a Ranchero House, which is a depiction of the historical ranches found in the area. The grounds are very walkable and pleasant. There are many trees which offer shade and places to sit to enjoy the peacefulness of the outside grounds. There is no charge to enter the Cultural Center, however, there is a small charge of $2.00 USD to enter the Museum. Also, if you need to use the facilities there is a small charge of 5 Pesos. 

View of the grounds of the cultural center
Grounds of the cultural center
Grounds of the cultural center
Grounds of the cultural center

See the Colorful Flags on Calle Centenario

Many tourist locations have a street or area decorated with colorful flags or umbrellas. Todos Santos is no exception. While the umbrellas have been taken down, we did find the colorful flags. The colorful flags are located on Calle Centenario between Avenida Gral. Topete and Calle Alvaro Obregon. Calle Centenario is nicely decorated and very instagrammable. You will also find some nice shops on this part of Centenario Street such as Dragonfly Jewelry and Brilianti, a fine art and jewelry store. If you would like to grab a bite to eat you can stop at Cafe Todos Santos and enjoy their outside patio. On the other side of Centenario Street on Avenida Legaspy is a great boutique hotel, Todos Santos Boutique Hotel. This is a luxury hotel and it’s a bit pricey but it’s a great place to stay in Todos Santos. 

View of Flags on Calle Centenario
View of Flags on Calle Centenario

Visit an Art Gallery in Todos Santos

While exploring Todos Santos, you will notice its artistic appeal. Todos Santos is definitely an artistic town and there are many art galleries to explore when visiting Todos Santos. If you love art, you will find it is easy to get lost in everything there is to see in Todos Santos. The art is incredible. Spend some time visiting a gallery or several art galleries. It will be worth it!   

Check out the Art Murals Around Todos Santos

As you walk around Todos Santos, you will see a variety of murals painted throughout the town. The murals are absolutely amazing! The murals depict scenes of sea life, birds, and the flora of the area as well as other artistic impressions.    

View of murals on a street in Todos Santos
View of murals in town
A mural depicting a hummingbird in flight and a whale breaching out of the ocean
Close up of mural

Keep an Eye Out for Statutes of Saints

Todos Santos is a religious town and many people place saints above their doorways or near the top of their buildings. If you do not know about the saint statutes or are not looking for them they can be easy to miss. The statutes are generally located towards the top of most buildings and blend in very well with the architecture. How many can you find?

Spend Some Time Shopping

If you want to spend a few hours shopping, Todos Santos is the perfect place! There are many shops in town such as jewelry shops, artisan shops, art galleries, and many more. You will find some great items to take home with you to remember your trip to Todos Santos.

Shopping Bazaar in Todos Santos
Shopping Bazaar in Todos Santos

Eat the Local Food

Todos Santos has great restaurants! You will find some incredible seafood restaurants and taco restaurants that feature the popular fish taco. My favorite place to grab a bite to eat is at Los Adobes. The food at Los Adobes is fantastic and the grounds are absolutely beautiful! 

Painted mural at Los Adobes restaurant
Mural at Los Adobes restaurant
Molcajete dish at Los Adobes restaurant
Molcajete at Los Adobes restaurant

The restaurant has an indoor area, but my favorite is the outdoor patio. The outdoor patio is really a beautiful outdoor desert garden. It is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner and unwind after a day of walking around town and sightseeing. 

View of the grounds at Los Adobes restaurant
The grounds at Los Adobes
View of the grounds at Los Adobes
The grounds at Los Adobes

Get Ice Cream at Neveria Rocco

If you are looking for a refreshing dessert then look no further than Neveria Rocco. You will find a large selection of homemade ice cream and freshly made paletas (popsicles). Neveria Rocco has been serving ice cream in Todos Santos for over 20 years. My favorite popsicle flavor at Neveria Rocco is the coconut popsicle. It is that good! Neveria Rocco is located on Calle Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla between Highway 19 and Calle Centenario in the historic part of Todos Santos.

View of Neveria Rocco
Neveria Rocco

Take a Coffee Break in Todos Santos

If you are ready for a coffee or tea break, you will find many great coffee shops and bakeries in Todos Santos such as Taller 17 and Cafe La Perla. Our favorite spot is Cafe La Perla. They have a variety of coffee drinks to choose from and fresh pastries. It is perfect for when you are looking for a grab and go coffee shop. However, if you would like to sit and sip your coffee there are a couple small tables available to sit and enjoy your coffee.  

View the Tropic of Cancer Monument

The Tropic of Cancer passes through the state of Baja California Sur just south of Todos Santos. There is a monument in the Tropic of Cancer Plaza to commemorate the location. If you do not want to drive to look for the Tropic of Cancer monument, there is a replica of the Tropic of Cancer globe in the town on Calle Manuel Marquez de Leon between Calle Centenario and Calle Benito Juarez.

Tropic of Cancer plaque and globe in Todos Santos
Tropic of Cancer plaque and globe

Learn to Surf

While not all beaches in Todos Santos are swimmable beaches, there are a few near Todos Santos that are great for surfing and swimming. Either way, spending time at a beach whether you are swimming or not is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a few hours.  

Visit Playa San Pedrito / San Pedrito Beach

Playa Pedrito is about six minutes south of Todos Santos in Pescador. This is a great place for beginners as some of the waves are smaller. Seasoned surfers would also enjoy this beach as there are larger swells to surf. If you did not travel with your surfboard, there are local shops where you can rent equipment.

Visit Playa Los Cerritos / Los Cerritos Beach

Playa Los Cerritos is about 10 minutes from town near Pescador and is another great place for surfing. This area is good for beginners through advanced surfers. If you are looking to stay in the area, the Hacienda Cerritos is nearby and overlooks this wonderful beach. You can also stay at the popular Sol Pacifico Cerritos.

Visit Punta Lobos

Punta Lobos is another great beach just 10 minutes from town and is considered a swimmable beach. However, you should be extremely careful as the shore break can be strong. If you decide not to swim, you can have a great time lounging on the beach and watching the local fisherman come in. There is no marina in the area so the fishermen time their entrance perfectly. They ride a wave in and stop on the sand. It’s an incredible sight to see. 

If you like this area the incredible Hotel San Cristobal is located off Punta Lobos and overlooks the beach and ocean. The Hotel San Cristobal is an upscale hotel and an awesome place to spend a few days. They also offer a limited number of day passes to enjoy their pool.

View of the shoreline at Punta Lobos
The shoreline at Punta Lobos

Visit La Pastora

If you are an advanced and experienced surfer then La Pastora might be the place for you. La Pastora is located north of Todos Santos and known for its large swells. This area is for advanced experienced surfers, I cannot emphasize this enough. This area is akin to surfing the North Shore of Oahu in the winter. Don’t risk an injury if you are not an advanced surfer.   

Go Ocean Fishing

If you are looking to go ocean fishing, Punta Lobos is the perfect spot and just a few minutes from town by car. There are a variety of sport fishing charters you can take out of Punta Lobos. While there isn’t a marina in this area, you will be amazed at how the fishermen bring their boats onto shore. It is a sight to see.  

Take a Day Trip to La Paz

La Paz is about an hour away from Todos Santos on the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) side of Baja California Sur. Its close proximity makes it a great town for a day trip from Todos Santos. There are many incredible things to do in La Paz. You can visit one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Balandra. It is a great place to go whale watching and snorkel with whale sharks. You will not regret taking a day trip to La Paz.

Picture of the La Paz letters sign on the Malecon in La Paz, Mexico.
La Paz letter sign on the Malecon

Take a Day Trip to Cabo San Lucas

If you arrived directly to Todos Santos without visiting the Los Cabos area, you can still do so since Cabo San Lucas is an hour away from Todos Santos. You can definitely fill a day with the many wonderful things to do in Cabo San Lucas such as visiting the iconic Arch. 

Cabo Letters in downtown Cabo San Lucas
Cabo Letters in downtown Cabo San Lucas

Additional FAQs about Todos Santos

Here are a few additional FAQs and information to help you plan your vacation to Todos Santos.

Where is Todos Santos Located?

Todos Santos is located in the state of Baja California Sur in Mexico. It is halfway between the towns of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz and ten minutes from El Pescadero on Highway 19.

How Do You Get to Todos Santos?

From Cabo San Lucas, depending on the area you are staying, you will take Highway 1 and transition to Highway 19 towards Todos Santos. Highway 19 is a well maintained road so you will not have any problems driving on this highway. 

From La Paz, you will start on the Transpeninsular Highway (Hwy 1) and then merge to Highway 19. You will stay on Highway 19 until you reach Todos Santos.  

Can I take a Bus to Todos Santos?

If you have not rented a car but you would like to visit Todos Santos, you can easily take a bus. There is a bus terminal, the Terminal Turística Todos Santos, or the Tourist Terminal of Todos Santos, in town. You can easily take a comfortable bus from San Jose del Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, or La Paz. The transport bus is the Aguila from Transportes Aguila (Aguila Transportation). You can easily identify the bus line as you will see many of the blue buses driving around in the Los Cabos area all the way up to La Paz. The buses are comfortable and have bathroom facilities.

You can catch the bus from San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas and take it to Todos Santos. If you want to explore more towns, you can also take the same bus to La Paz for a few days and then return to the Cabo area on the same bus. The bus terminal is located at the corner of Calle Ignacio Zaragoza and Heroico Colegio Militar.  

How Many Days Should You Spend in Todos Santos?

While Todos Santos is a small town, there is lots to see and many wonderful places to eat. I suggest staying a minimum of three days in order to be able to see all the sites and enjoy a variety of restaurants in town. 

If you would like to visit the surrounding area and take a day trip to either La Paz or Cabo San Lucas then I suggest spending four days minimum in order to enjoy everything there is to do. 

Is Todos Santos a Walkable Town?

Absolutely! One of the best things about Todos Santos is that you can easily explore the town’s downtown area on foot. The town is not large and it’s easy to walk from one area to another. If you arrived by car, you might find that it is more convenient to leave your car parked right where it is and walk to where you want to go. 

Is Todos Santos Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Todos Santos is a wonderful town and worth visiting. It has a wonderful artistic charm, there are lots of things to do and see in Todos Santos. And one of the best things about Todos Santos are the very friendly locals. You will feel right at home the moment you arrive!

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