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Is the Carnival Cheers Package Worth the Price? Let’s Take a Closer Look

Going on a Carnival cruise vacation is an exciting adventure filled with endless possibilities for fun and relaxation. An essential part of the fun and relaxation is enjoying a refreshing drink while soaking up the sun or dancing the night away. Carnival Cruise Line offers the Cheers drink package. The Cheers drink package makes it easier for cruisers to enjoy their favorite beverages throughout their voyage. But is the Carnival Cheers package worth the price? Let’s take a closer look.

What is the Carnival Cheers! Beverage Package?

The Carnival Cheers drink package is an optional beverage package offered by Carnival Cruise Line. This allows guests to enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a flat daily rate. With the Cheers beverage package, guests can enjoy unlimited drinks up to a certain value per drink. This includes cocktails, beer, wine by the glass, sodas, and more, throughout their cruise.

Benefits of Purchasing the Carnival Cheers Drink Package

There are several benefits to purchasing the Cheers! drink package. To make sure the Cheers drink package is worth it, we need to look at the benefits of purchasing the beverage package. We then need to weigh the benefits against any disadvantages that might render the package unworthy of purchasing.  

The Cheers Drink Package Makes Ordering Drinks Very Convenient

One of the biggest advantages of the Carnival Cheers beverage package is the convenience it offers. You have already done a lot of planning for your cruise, such as how to get to the port and which excursions to buy. The Cheers drink package seems like an easy choice to make. With a single purchase, you can enjoy unlimited beverages. You won’t have to worry about the cost or need to keep track of individual drink charges throughout your cruise. You also won’t be limited to the complimentary drinks that Carnival provides from the buffet or main dining room.

Alchemy Bar on the Carnival Radiance
Alchemy Bar on the Carnival Radiance

The Carnival Cheers Package Offers a Lot of Variety

The Carnival Cheers drink package offers a wide variety of beverage options to suit every taste and preference. Whether you prefer classic cocktails, craft beers, or wine, there is a wide variety to choose from. The drink package also includes non-alcoholic drinks such as specialty coffees, soda, energy drinks, and frozen beverages. There will always be something for you to enjoy throughout the day. With such a diverse selection of drinks, you can try many new drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. You can also indulge in your favorite beverages throughout the day.

The Cheers Drink Package Offers Great Value for Many Guests

For cruisers who plan to enjoy multiple drinks on each day of their cruise, the Cheers Drink Package can offer excellent value for money. When you take into consideration the cost of individual drinks on board, particularly alcoholic beverages, purchasing the package can result in significant savings, especially for those who enjoy premium drinks or cocktails.

What Beverages are Included with Your Carnival Cruise Fare

To help you decide whether you might want to purchase the Cheers beverage package, you should know what is included in your regular Carnival cruise fare. The beverages that are already included are non-bottled water, lemonade, iced tea, hot chocolate, non-specialty coffee, and non-specialty hot tea. The regular Carnival cruise fare also includes juices such as orange juice, tomato juice, apple juice, and grapefruit juice. However, juices are only available during breakfast time. 

What the Cheers Drink Package Includes

As mentioned before, the Cheers beverage package includes a wide variety of drinks. The package includes all alcoholic drinks, including all spirits, mixed drinks, beer, wine by the glass, and spiked coffees that have a menu price of $20.00 or less. The package also includes soda, frozen drinks, energy drinks, specialty coffees, hot tea, bottled water, juice, milkshakes, and non-alcoholic bottled beverages. It also includes packaged water in the dining room and specialty restaurants such as flat or sparkling bottled water. 

Java Blue Cafe on the Carnival Radiance. You can use the Carnival Cheers package to get specialty coffee drinks at the Java Blue Cafe.
Java Blue Cafe on the Atlantic Deck of the Carnival Radiance

There are also discount benefits for purchasing drinks that are not included in the Cheers beverage package, such as a 25% discount for any drinks or glass of wine above $20.00, a 25% discount for the purchase of bottled wine or champagne, and a 25% discount on beverage seminars and classes. 

Limitations of the Carnival Cheers Drink Package

In order to truly know if the Cheers drink package is worth it, you have to take into consideration the limitations that are part of the package. After considering the limitations, you might decide that the package does not offer the value that you would like. Here are the limitations that you need to keep in mind when you are deciding whether or not you should purchase the package. 

Unlimited Daily Beverages Does Not Apply to Alcoholic Drinks

When deciding whether the Cheers drink package is a good value, it is important to keep in mind that “unlimited beverages” does not mean unlimited alcoholic beverages. Carnival caps alcoholic drinks purchased to 15 alcoholic drinks per day. They define a day as the 24-hour period between 6:00 am the current day to 6:00 am the next day. If you have purchased 15 alcoholic drinks during this 24-hour period with your package, you have reached the cap. You will not be able to purchase another alcoholic drink. This includes purchasing a drink with your sail and sign card outside of using your drink package. Generally, 15 alcoholic drinks are more than enough for most cruisers. However, you should know about this limitation. 

Only One Drink Can be Purchased at a Time

With the Cheers drink package, you are limited to ordering one drink at a time. Once you order your drink, you will be required to wait at least five minutes before ordering another drink. This limitation is in place to prevent sharing. This brings up another package rule, sharing is prohibited. If you get caught sharing your drink package with anyone, it can and most likely will be canceled at Carnival’s discretion. 

All Persons In a Stateroom Who are 21 and Over Must Purchase the Cheers Drink Package

Another requirement of the Carnival Cheers beverage package is that if one person in your stateroom purchases the Cheers drink package, then all persons in your stateroom must purchase the Cheers drink package. This rule might be in place to prevent sharing. However, it does create problems as all persons over 21 staying in the same stateroom must be in agreement to purchase the drink package. This requirement is also difficult if there is a person in your party who does not drink for one reason or another. Getting an exception to this requirement requires a phone call to Carnival, is not guaranteed, and can be difficult. 

What is Excluded from the Carnival Cheers Package?

There are several items that are excluded from the drink package that you should know about. The package does not include shareable drinks such as beer buckets, tubes, and pitchers. The package also does not include any cocktails served in a souvenir glass, bottles of liquor, or drinks purchased through room service or from the minibar in your room. 

The Cheers drink package is also not transferable to any of Carnival’s private islands, such as Half Moon Cay and Princess Cay. Nor can you use it at Carnival ports of call, such as Amber Cove. You will have to pay for any drinks that you order at any of these locations. If your cruise is port-heavy and you spend most of your day in port, you will not be able to use your drink package for the better part of the day. That is something to keep in mind when deciding if the Cheers drink package is worth the price.

Cost of the Cheers Drink Package

The Cheers drink package can offer value for cruisers who plan to indulge in multiple drinks each day. However, the initial cost of the package may be prohibitive for some cruisers. The daily rate for the package is pretty standard, as Carnival does not have dynamic pricing for their beverage package. The total cost of the package will vary, though, depending on the length of your cruise. If you purchase the Cheers beverage package prior to the start of your cruise, you will receive a discount. This is the best time to purchase the drink package, as you will benefit from the pre-sail discount. The cutoff time for the discount is the evening prior to the start of your cruise. After this time, the cost of the package increases.  

The Cost of All Beverages Consumed Need to be Considered

The overall cost of the drink package might not be cost-effective. To be cost-effective you will need to consume enough beverages to cover the daily cost. You will need to assess whether you would benefit from purchasing the drink package. To do this, you will have to factor in the cost of all the beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that you would have in a single day. You can then check to see if purchasing the package would be cost-effective.

Is the Carnival Cheers Package Worth Purchasing?

Ultimately, whether or not the Carnival Cheers package is worth purchasing depends on individual preferences and budget. If you plan to enjoy multiple drinks each day of your cruise, particularly alcoholic beverages, and you like the convenience and variety offered by the package, it can be an excellent choice that enhances your overall cruise experience.

If you prefer to enjoy a few select beverages and do not anticipate having enough drinks to justify the cost of the package, then it may be more economical to pay for drinks individually. You will probably save a substantial amount of money in comparison to the total cost of the Cheers beverage package. It is essential to consider everything that you might want to order when deciding whether to purchase the Cheers beverage package or not.

One other item to consider is whether your cruise is port heavy. You can only use the Cheers beverage package on board the ship. If your cruise has many port stops, it could be difficult to consume enough beverages to cover the daily cost of the drink package.


The Cheers beverage package offered by Carnival Cruise Line can be a convenient and cost-effective option for you if you plan to indulge in the variety of beverages offered by Carnival throughout your cruise. However, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons and consider your own preferences and budget before making a decision. 

Cheers to smooth sailing and unforgettable moments aboard your Carnival cruise!

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