The small sand beach of Swanzy Beach looking towards the playground

24 Family Friendly Things to Do in Oahu with Kids

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Oahu is the most populated island of the Hawaiian Islands. There are many activities to choose from, and it is easy to find many family friendly things to do in Oahu with kids. You will find many kid friendly beaches on Oahu. And several family friendly hikes on Oahu. You will find protected lagoons for younger children to swim in, interactive and cultural activities, many ways to explore tropical sea life. You will also find many activities to entertain teenagers. No matter what you are looking for, you will find family activities on Oahu for everyone.

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Check Out Kid Friendly Beaches in Oahu

Sometimes, you just want to relax at the beach as a family, but what are the best beaches in Oahu for kids? The best beaches in Oahu for kids are mainly in Ko Olina and the Waikiki area. But there are other beaches on the Windward side of Oahu, like Kailua Beach, which are also kid-friendly. Several beaches on Oahu are good for kids to practice snorkeling and see some sea life without strong ocean currents. Below are some of the beaches on Oahu that are great for children to swim. They are also great for kid-friendly snorkeling in Oahu. Because of the calm water, visiting these beaches is one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.

Visit the Ko’Olina Lagoons

The Ko Olina Lagoons are man-made lagoons with rock levies that protect the lagoons from strong ocean currents. There are four lagoons in Ko Olina, and the water is very calm and perfect for young children. One of the lagoons, the Kohola Lagoon, is where the Disney Aulani Hotel is located. If you have kids that want to snorkel, the Kohala Lagoon is your best bet. The Kohola Lagoon is the closest to a reef outside of the four lagoons in Ko Olina. This makes the Ko Olina Lagoons a great place for kids to practice snorkeling without strong ocean currents. And they have a great chance of seeing local sea life.

Areal view of the Kohola Lagoon in Ko Olina near Disney's Aulani Resort, one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
Kohola Lagoon by Disney’s Aulani Resort

Visit Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island Lagoon

Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island Lagoon are great beaches for kids near Waikiki. Ala Moana Beach has a reef that helps break up large waves before they reach the shore. This helps create a calm beach that is great for kids to play in and swim. Magic Island Lagoon is on the southern end of Ala Moana Beach near the large parking lot. The Magic Island Lagoon is protected from the ocean currents and is a great place for kid-friendly snorkeling in Oahu. There is also a great view of Diamond Head Crater from Magic Lagoon.

View of Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island on a cloudy day from an airplane
Ala Moana Beach and Magic Island on a cloudy day

Visit the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

The Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is a man-made lagoon near the beach. There are no ocean waves, making this lagoon one of the best beaches in Oahu for young kids to swim. There are also no ocean currents to worry about. The water is on the shallow side, and a sand beach surrounds the lagoon. There is also a grass area where families can picnic. The lagoon is steps away from the Duke Kahanamoku Beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village. This is an added bonus as the beach is steps away from the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon.

View of a catamaran and people in the water and on the beach at Duke Kahanamoku Beach outside of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort on a sunny day
Sunny day at Duke Kahanamoku Beach outside of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort

Kuhio Beach

Kuhio Beach is one of the beaches that makes up the Waikiki Beach area and is next to Waikiki Beach. Water walls at Kuhio Beach help create a barrier between the ocean waves and the shore. This creates a calm, enclosed area of water in Waikiki that is great for kids to swim in. Even if there are strong waves in the open ocean, the water walls do a great job of protecting Kuhio Beach and creating calm waters for kids to swim in.

View of Kuhio Beach on a windy day as many waves come in from the open ocean hitting the water wall that protect Kuhio Beach resulting in a calm beach area
Waves hitting the water wall that protects Kuhio Beach on a windy day

If you would like more information on other beaches in Oahu to visit with your family, you can read our blog post on the 24 Amazing Beaches on Oahu.

Go Tide Pooling at Sharks Cove

Taking kids tide pooling is a great way for kids to explore the sea life on the coast. Sharks Cove is a great place to take kids tidepooling. Sharks Cove is located on the North Shore of Oahu and is a popular spot for tide pooling on Oahu. The tide pools at Sharks Cove are protected from ocean currents by lava rock. The water in the protected tide pool at Sharks Cove can get to about three feet deep in some spots. 

Sharks Cove tide pools is a kid-friendly snorkeling spot in Oahu. However, we highly recommend wearing water shoes as you must walk on the surrounding lava rock to get to the tide pools. The lava rock is sharp in multiple places, and water shoes will help protect your family’s feet. Kids can see many different fish here, including sea urchins and other sea life. The ocean area around Sharks Cove is one of the Marine Life Conservation Districts, which is why kids will see an abundant variety of sea life.

Two fishes swimming in the tide pools at Shark's Cove
Fish in the tide pools at Shark’s Cove
View of the the tide pools and surrounding lava rock at Shark's Cove
Tide pools of Shark’s Cove
View of two purple sea urchins in the tide pools of Shark's Cove
Sea urchins in the tide pools

Snorkel at Hanauma Bay

If you are looking for more kid-friendly snorkeling in Oahu, check out Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay has a sand beach with lifeguards and an area to rent snorkel gear. This is an excellent place for kids to snorkel and see a variety of fish. Kids can also learn about Hanauma Bay’s marine conservation before swimming at the beach. There is a lot of space for kids to play in the sand when not swimming in the water. Kids may even see a Hawaiian Monk Seal sleeping on the beach at Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is a very popular bay. You will need to make reservations on the Hanauma Bay website in order to visit. It is hands down one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.

Picture of Hanauma Bay and its beach from the hilltop near the main entrance on a sunny day. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
Hanauma Bay Beach

Free Family Friendly Things to Do in Oahu with Kids

There are several things to do on Oahu with kids that are free to the public. Your kids can participate in cultural activities, see artwork, and even see a fireworks show on the beach. Many of these free activities are in the Waikiki area near the hotels and public transportation. Making many of these free activities for kids in Oahu very accessible.

Check Out the Royal Hawaiian Center

The Royal Hawaiian Center offers various free cultural events. They have free kids’ hula classes for children ages 5 to 10. If you have children over 10, they can participate in the free hula classes for older children. Lei-making classes are available if your child is interested in learning how to make a Lei.

There is a Ukulele class available if your kids are interested in learning how to play. The Ukulele class only has 12 seats available. The Royal Hawaiian Center also has free traditional cultural performances throughout the week. If you are interested in these events, you can visit the events page on the Royal Hawaiian Center Website. You will find information on scheduled dates and times for all events.

The entrance of the Royal Hawaiian Center.
Royal Hawaiian Center

Stop by the International Market Place

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, the International Market Place does a free Sunset Stories Hula Show in their Queen’s Court. This event is free to the general public. It is a great way to take your kids to a Polynesian dance and song show in Hawaii for free. If your family is in Hawaii on the first Thursday of the month, you can listen to the Royal Hawaiian Band perform in the Queen’s Court. 

International Market Place sign - one of the best shopping centers to visit in Oahu.
Entrance sign at the International Market Place

Visit the Capitol Modern – The Hawaii State Art Museum

The Capitol Modern is the Hawaii State Art Museum in Honolulu. Capitol Modern highlights the artwork of Hawaiian artists. Admission to the Capitol Modern is free for everyone. The Capitol Modern also hosts free, family-friendly events throughout the months. Some of the free events hosted for the public include evenings of art and music, live music performances, and art activities kids can do and take home with them. 

Check Out Some of the Botanical Gardens

There are several botanical gardens on Oahu, some of which have free admission. Some of the botanical gardens that offer free admission are Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Koko Crater Botanical Garden, Lili’uokalani Botanical Garden, and the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. We recommend visiting one or several botanical gardens if you would like to take photographs with your kids on Oahu. The botanical gardens make the perfect backdrop for family photos. Some of the botanical gardens have paved paths, which is great if you have a child in a stroller. Koko Crater Botanical Garden is unpaved, and can be challenging to maneuver a stroller.

Watch Friday Night Fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

If you are in the Waikiki area on a Friday night, head to Waikiki Beach or walk to the beach near the Hilton Hawaiian Village to watch a free fireworks show. The Hilton Hawaiian Village does a weekly fireworks show on Fridays at 7:45 pm on the beach. The fireworks show lasts about four to five minutes. The fireworks are displayed, weather permitting. If the wind is too strong, the fireworks show will be canceled for safety purposes. The crowd that gathers on the beach in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village can get quite large. Fortunately, there is plenty of space to find a spot to sit on the beach and watch the fireworks.

You can also get an ice cream at Lappert’s in the Hilton Hawaiian Village to enjoy while watching the show. Watching the fireworks show is one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu. Especially if you watch the show while enjoying an ice cream.

View of fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village
View of fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village
Fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village
View of fireworks at the Hilton Hawaiian Village

Fun For the Whole Family

There are many options for fun family activities on Oahu. You will find many activities for kids of all ages to do on Oahu. Some activities are more adventurous than others. There are ziplining adventures, waterslides, and opportunities to learn about Hawaiian culture. You can also get a delicious Dole Whip. Whatever you decide to do, you will find that there are many fun things to do on Oahu with kids. 

Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center

Visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center is a great way for kids to learn about Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. At the Polynesian Cultural Center, kids can learn how to hula dance and how to pole fish. They can also learn about ancient games, and how to paddle an outrigger canoe. Your family may even get to sample food from the different villages, such as the Poi from the Hawaiian Village and the coconut bread from the Tahiti Village. You can even go on a canoe ride in the lagoon of the Polynesian Cultural Center.

The entrance to the Polynesian Cultural Center. One of the top family friendly things to do in Oahu.
Polynesian Cultural Center

Stay a Couple of Days at Aulani for Some Disney Magic

Are you looking for Disney magic during your family vacation to Hawaii? Look no further than Disney’s Aulani Resort and Hotel. There are Disney characters and various events and activities for kids and teenagers. Your family can enjoy the pools, beach equipment, and all the activities Disney Aulani offers. You may even get to see Stitch. If you cannot stay at Disney’s Aulani, you can visit the resort on your own for the day. However, you will not have access to the same amenities as the resort guests. If you go on your own, you can enjoy the dining options, go shopping, or get spa treatments. If you go to Kohala Lagoon, you will not be able to use the section reserved for Aulani guests. A stay at Aulani, is hands down, one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.

Areal view of the Kohola Lagoon in Ko Olina where the Four Seasons and Disney's Aulani Resort are located and a partial view of Hona Lagoon.
Kohola Lagoon and Disney’s Aulani Resort

Visit the Wet’n’Wild Hawaii Waterpark

Does your family like going to waterparks? Well, you can check out a waterpark on Oahu called Wet’n’Wild Hawaii. Like many waterparks, there are many water slides and attractions for kids and teenagers. If you are looking for something more laid back, then you and your family can enjoy the lazy river. If you have younger ones, they can hang out in the Keiki Kove, an area for kids with mini-slides and a water playground with tipping buckets and water cannons.

How to Get to Wet’n’Wild Hawaii Waterpark

The Wet’n’Wild Hawaii waterpark is in Kapolei, Oahu, on the Leeward side of Oahu, the island’s west side. You can get there by taking Highway 1, Queen Liliuokalani Freeway. From Waikiki, it is about a 35-minute drive to Wet’n’Wild Hawaii waterpark. From Ko Olina, it is about a 10-minutes drive. If you are staying in Waikiki, you can purchase an excursion package that includes transportation, this way, you will not need to worry about driving or paying for parking.

Visit Kualoa Ranch – Hawaii’s Jurassic Park

A visit to Kualoa Ranch is one of the most popular fun things to do on Oahu for kids and the whole family. There are things to do at Kualoa Ranch for all ages. Some of the activities at Kualoa Ranch depend on your child’s age and the specific height and weight requirements of the more adventurous activities. On some tours, one of the Kualoa Ranch guides can record a video of you and your family where it looks like a T-Rex is chasing your family. It makes for a fun video souvenir, especially for children.

If you have infants and toddlers, they can go on the Movie Sites Tour, Kualoa Grown Tour, Secret Island Beach Activities, or the Ocean Voyage Adventure Tour. If you have a 3-year-old or older, they can go on the Jurassic Adventure Tour and the Jungle Expedition Tour, where you can see sites used for filming in the Kualoa Ranch Valley.

Older children can go on other tours like the UTV Raptor Tour, horseback riding, or Jurassic Zipline tours if they meet the height and weight requirements. If you have older children, we highly recommend the UTV Raptor Tour. A guide can drive your family if your party wants to avoid driving the UTV. I think you will discover that visiting Kualoa Ranch and participating in the tours offered at the ranch is a great family activity on Oahu that your kids will love.

Kualoa Ranch in Oahu. A visit to Kualoa Ranch is one of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu
UTV tour at Kualoa Ranch

Visit Coral Crater Adventure Park – A Perfect Family Friendly Thing To Do in Oahu

Looking for something to do on Oahu with teenagers? Take your teenagers to Coral Crater Adventure Park. At Coral Crater Adventure Park, your teenagers, as well as you, can go ziplining, ATV off-roading, tackle their Adventure tower, or they can do all the activities with the Ultimate Adventure package. Kids over the age of 6 are able to participate in the activities at Coral Crater Adventure Park but will need to meet the minimum weight requirement of 40 pounds. 

Take a Cruise on a Glass Bottom Boat

A great way to take children out in the ocean to see sea life is on a glass bottom boat. A glass bottom boat has an area in the center with glass where children are able to look at the sea life swimming underneath the boat. There is also the possibility of seeing dolphins and Hawaiian green sea turtles while cruising off the coast of Oahu in the Waikiki area. Going on a glass-bottom boat cruise is an excellent option for families with young children who cannot swim and snorkel.

Take a Trip on the Atlantis Submarine

Want to let your kids see tropical fish and maybe a sea turtle, shark, or ray in the ocean without getting in the water? Look no further than Atlantis Adventures submarine tours in Waikiki. The Atlantis Submarine takes you down to the ocean at a depth of around 100 feet. It is one of the most exciting family friendly things to do in Oahu. You will explore several artificial reefs on the ocean floor. A couple of the artificial reefs that you will explore include an airplane and a shipwreck.

When we went on the Atlantis Submarine excursion, we saw quite a bit of fish and were lucky enough to see a reef shark hanging out under the airplane reef. Other people have seen sea turtles and spotted sting rays hanging around the reefs. The sea life you and your family will see around the reefs will depend on ocean conditions during your trip, as well as the visibility. The calmer the ocean is, the more sea life you will see and the clearer the reefs will look.

View of a shark under an artificial reef from the Atlantis Submarine. One of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
Blacktip shark underneath the airplane wing

Things to Know About the Atlantis Submarine

There is a height requirement of 36 inches for children wanting to go on the Atlantis Submarine. Additionally, everyone in your group will need to be able to climb down a ladder by themselves to get inside the submarine. Young children who meet the height requirement cannot be carried down the ladder; they must be able to go down the ladder by themselves. They can take their time going down the ladder into the submarine but need to be able to climb down the ladder by themselves.

The submarine has large viewing windows, and it will be two people per window. If you are wondering if the windows are big enough, they absolutely are. We had four adults in our group and had more than enough viewing space. If your little ones or anyone in your group are prone to motion sickness, barf bags are located near the windows, just in case one is needed. Overall, the ride on the submarine was smooth during our trip. No one in our group got seasick, even though we had someone who was prone to getting seasick in our group. The ride under the sea was very smooth. A trip on the Atlantis Submaries was totally worth it!

Visit the Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki Aquarium is a small aquarium perfect for young children. Various exhibits highlight marine life in the Pacific Ocean. A visit to the Waikiki Aquarium is an excellent way for little ones who cannot swim or snorkel to see tropical fish up close. Children can see living reefs of the Pacific Ocean with soft and hard corals. Your little ones can even search for a Hawaiian Day octopus in the Octopus Exhibit that camouflages into its environment. 

The Waikiki Aquarium also has an exhibit called Hunters on the Reef, which focuses on Zebra Sharks as well as Groupers and Trevally. So, if you have a little one who likes sharks, this would be the perfect exhibit for them. Your family can also learn about the marine conservation efforts of the aquarium in collaboration with the University of Hawaii.

Admission and Getting to Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki Aquarium is off Kalakaua Avenue, across from Kapiolani Park, and its hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Waikiki Aquarium is about a 10-minute walk from Waikiki Beach and the Honolulu Zoo. The close proximity of the aquarium to Waikiki and other close by attractions makes it an excellent option for things to do in Oahu with a toddler. Especially if you are already staying in the Waikiki area. 

Admission to the Waikiki Aquarium is free for children under 3 years old. Admission for children 3 to 12 years of age is $5.00, and for children over the age of 13 and adults, the cost of admission is $12.00. There is limited free parking by the aquarium, with paid metered parking available on the street. You can also take the bus or even ride the Waikiki Trolley to the Waikiki Aquarium if you prefer public transportation.

Visit the Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo is in Waikiki, steps away from Kuhio and Queens Beach near Waikiki Beach. The Zoo is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with the last time to enter the zoo being at 3:00 pm. The Honolulu Zoo’s proximity to Waikiki hotels makes the zoo a great activity for families in Oahu, especially if you are looking for something to do in Honolulu with toddlers. 

The Honolulu Zoo has many animal exhibits, including primates, reptiles, birds, and the African Savanna. Your kids can enjoy seeing Giraffes, African wild dogs, elephants, a Komodo Dragon, a sloth, and even penguins. If you are interested in a unique thing to do in Oahu at the Honolulu Zoo with your little ones, then there is a Twilight Zoo tour. The Twilight Zoo Tour happens after the zoo closes and is led by one of the zoo educators. On the tour, you will get a glimpse of some of the zoo’s animals as they wake up for the night. Spending some time at the Honolulu Zoo is a great family friendly thing to do in Oahu.

Honolulu Zoo - One of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu with kids.
The Honolulu Zoo

Admission and Getting to the Honolulu Zoo

The admission rates listed are the rates for those who are not residents of the state of Hawaii. Admission for children ages 3 to 12 is $12.00, and admission for those younger than 3 years old is free. Admission for children 13 and older and adults is $21.00. The Honolulu Zoo does have a parking lot if you decide to drive to the zoo. Parking at Honolulu Zoo costs $1.50 per hour. You can also take the bus if you prefer to take public transportation to the zoo rather than walk or park.

Visit Sea Life Park Hawaii

Sea Life Park Hawaii is about 30 minutes from Waikiki, across from Makapuu Beach. Sea Life Park Hawaii emphasizes education and marine conservation through interactive experiences and programs. Throughout the day, you can take your kids to various activities, from learning about Kekoa, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, and seeing dolphins and sea lions to learning about whitetip sharks while watching them feed.

If your little one is interested in feeding birds, you can take them inside the bird aviary, where they can try interacting with cockatiels and lovebirds by feeding them. If feeding and interacting with the birds in the aviary seems too much, take your kids to the Discovery Reef Touch Pool. At the touch pool, your little ones can touch sea stars and sea urchins and see many tropical fish swimming in the touch pool that are native to Hawaii.

Stay for the Luau at the Sea Life Park Hawaii

If you want to make a day of your family’s visit to Sea Life Park Hawaii, look into a ticket package with the Aloha Kai Luau that happens at the Sea Life Park. Depending on the Luau package you select for your family, you can get a 5-day or 10-day general admission ticket to Sea Life Park Hawaii. Going to a luau with your family can be a lot of fun for kids. The Aloha Kai Luau also has cultural activities, from a ukulele lesson to Polynesian tattoos and a coconut tree climbing performance.

Visit the Dole Plantation

A trip to Oahu is not complete without getting a Dole Whip, especially a Dole Whip from the Dole Plantation. Aside from getting a Dole Whip, there are a few activities at the Dole Plantation that are perfect for kids. They can enjoy a ride on the Dole Plantation train, the Pineapple Express. On the train, your family will see a Hawaiian pineapple farm and other fruit trees that are grown on the Dole Plantation. 

Another activity kids will enjoy is the Dole Plantation maze. In the maze, you work your way through the maze to find eight stations highlighting eight of the Hawaiian Islands. Going through the maze is a lot of fun for everyone. The kids we saw when we were making our way through the maze had a lot of fun trying to find the hidden stations. Spending a few hours at the Dole Plantation is a great family friendly thing to do in Oahu, especially with a Dole Whip in hand.

The Dole Pineapple Express Train at the Dole Plantation. One of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
The Pineapple Express Train
The Dole Garden at the Dole Plantation. One of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
The Dole Garden
The Pineapple Garden Maze at the Dole Plantation. One of the best family friendly things to do in Oahu.
The Pineapple Garden Maze

Visit Dolphin Quest at Kahala Hotel and Resort

If you have kids that want to swim with dolphins in Oahu, check out Dolphin Quest. There are various packages to choose from on the Dolphin Quest website. Dolphin Quest is located at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. Whether you have toddlers, school-age children, or teenagers, a dolphin interaction package exists for everyone.

For those with children under the age of five, you can interact with the dolphins from the dock. If your family does not want to get in the water with the dolphins, you can sign up for a dock experience. You can also opt to have a private dolphin encounter for your family. During your dolphin encounter, everyone in your party who is participating will be required to wear a life vest. 

All the interactions with the dolphins happen in small groups. When swimming with the dolphins, you may learn some commands from the dolphin trainers to get the dolphins to perform some tricks. Additionally, you will learn fun facts about dolphins as Dolphin Quest focuses on educating people about dolphins and marine conservation.  

How Do You Get to Dolphin Quest at the Kahala Hotel and Resort

The Kahala Hotel and Resort is about 13 minutes east of Waikiki at the end of Kahala Avenue. If you are staying elsewhere in Oahu, you can park in the hotel parking lot. Parking at the Kahala Hotel and Resort is not free. However, Dolphin Quest will validate parking if you are taking part in one of their dolphin experiences. Parking validation will allow you to park at Kahala Hotel and Resort for free for four hours.

Go on Family-Friendly Hikes on Oahu

There are many hikes on Oahu with breathtaking views, but are any of the hikes on Oahu kid-friendly? The answer to that is yes! There are kid friendly hikes on Oahu for families with kids of all ages and physical abilities. Many hikes are unpaved, but there are some paved stroller friendly hikes in Oahu for families with younger children.

Visit Waimea Valley

Waimea Valley is one of the most stroller friendly hikes in Oahu. Waimea Valley has a paved path through a botanical garden that leads to Waimea Falls. Depending on the day, you can go swimming in Waimea waterfall. Waimea Valley is a great place to go hiking in Oahu with kids because of the waterfall at the end of the hike. You can purchase tickets for a Luau, which has multiple cultural activities available to participate in.

Waimea Waterfall, visiting a waterfall is one of the best things to do in Oahu.

Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail is a paved trail east of Waikiki past Hanauma Bay and Koko Crater near Sea Life Park Hawaii. The Makapuu Lighthouse trail is a paved hike, making it one of the stroller friendly hikes in Oahu. The hike is considered a moderate hike due to it mainly being uphill. If you do this hike, we recommend going earlier in the day before it gets too hot and bringing water. We saw several families with children of all ages when we did this hike on one of our trips to Oahu.

View of Alan Davis Beach and Koko Crater from the Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail
View of Koko Crater from Makapu’u Trail

Manoa Falls Trail

Manoa Falls Trail is an easy-to-moderate trail in Manoa Valley in Honolulu. The hike to Manoa Falls is about 2.7 km out and back, and it can take just over an hour to complete. Manoa Falls hike is unpaved and can be done with kids of all ages. At the end of the trail, you will see Manoa Waterfalls. This is a popular hike and gets crowded, but you will see many families during this hike. Depending on the weather, the Manoa Falls trail can also be muddy and slippery.

View of Manoa Falls in Oahu
View of Manoa Falls

Diamond Head Trail

Diamond Head Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails on Oahu. When I did this hike, I saw many families with children of all ages on my way up and down the crater. Diamond Head is a great place to go hiking in Oahu with kids. There is a bunker they can explore near the summit. The hike is paved from the beginning until you are about a quarter of the way up the crater. The rest of the hike up Diamond Head is unpaved and rocky in some parts of the trail. The hike can get muddy if it has been raining.

Picture of Reya at the top of Diamond Head Crater after her hike to the top.
Reya at the top of Diamond Head

Visit the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet to Purchase Souvenirs

Taking kids to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is an excellent idea if they want to buy souvenirs for themselves or their friends. You can also pick up a few items for yourself. There are many vendors at the swap meet selling souvenirs and hand-crafted items. You can get great deals on sarongs, beach cover-ups, Hawaiian bracelets, plumeria hair clips, reusable bags, T-shirts, and more. You can easily give your kids a $10 or $20 budget (or more) to buy souvenirs for their friends at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is the perfect place to do some souvenir shopping while supporting the local economy as well. 

Enjoy Some Shave Ice – A Perfect Family Friendly Thing to Do in Oahu

One of the popular desserts to buy in Hawaii is shave ice. You can think of shave ice as being similar to a snow cone; however, shave ice in Hawaii is finer in comparison to a snow cone. There are many shave ice places on Oahu that you can go to. Matsumoto Shave Ice is a popular destination for shave ice on North Shore of Oahu. One of our favorite places to get shave ice is Island Vintage Shave Ice in Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian Center. I love to get the lychee and lilikoi flavors with popping boba and condensed milk. Sometimes, I also get a scoop of ice cream with my shave ice.

A dish of Shave Ice
Reya enjoying some shave ice

Are There More Family Friendly Things to Do in Oahu?

Yes, there are many more family friendly things to do in Oahu with kids! This list only highlights a handful of family friendly things you can do in Oahu with kids. Finding things to do in Oahu with kids comes down to knowing what your kids can participate in and what they would enjoy. You can do more strenuous hikes with your kids if you like hiking as a family. Or maybe your kids’ swimming abilities are great, and they have more experience snorkeling than others or are even certified scuba divers. Either way, you will not be at a loss when it comes to finding many fun and awesome things to do in Oahu with kids!

If you would like more ideas of things to do on Oahu, you can read our blog post on 75 Things to Do in Oahu – The Ultimate Guide for Your Oahu Getaway. You can also read about other places to visit in Hawaii such as the Big Island.

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