Boat anchored off of Starfish Point in Grand Cayman.

12 Best Beaches in Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island is a paradise for travelers seeking sun-soaked beaches and beautiful turquoise water. Not only is Grand Cayman a beautiful Caribbean Island with many things to do, but it is also home to many amazing beaches in the Caribbean. You have come to the right place to learn about some of the best beaches in Grand Cayman Island. You will find several beaches on Grand Cayman Island worthy of exploring and spending time at during your Caribbean vacation. There are unique beaches, such as Starfish Point, which is popular for viewing starfish. Perfect snorkel spots for those wanting to explore the local marine life. There are beaches for sunbathers, fun filled beaches with many people, and beautiful beaches with soft white sand and blue waters, perfect for those seeking quiet and solitude.

All beaches on Grand Cayman are public beaches, even those that are in front of major hotels, allowing you to enjoy every beach on Grand Cayman Island. To make things even more perfect, the water temperature of the beaches on Grand Cayman Island hovers around 76 to 86 degrees, which is perfect for swimming. Whichever beach you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed. Keep reading to learn about some of the best beaches in Grand Cayman Island. 

View of a Beach on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands

When is the Best Time to Visit Grand Cayman Beaches 

Grand Cayman is warm year-round, with temperatures that average in the 80s. Generally, any time is a good time to visit Grand Cayman. However, there are two seasons to keep in mind when planning your trip to Grand Cayman Island, as they can affect your visit. 

Sargassum Season

Sargassum season can affect your stay in the Cayman Islands if your purpose for visiting is to relax on the beach and enjoy the warm ocean. Unfortunately, Sargassum affects the majority of the Caribbean Islands including the Cayman Islands. The season generally occurs between March and September, but varies from year to year. There have been a few years where Sargassum season started later in April and lasted into October. If you are planning a last-minute trip, it is a good idea to check on how the current Sargassum flow is affecting Grand Cayman.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season runs from May through November. Luckily, Grand Cayman’s location protects the island from being hit hard during hurricane season. And, while you cannot predict if a hurricane will occur on or near the island, it is always good to know when the season starts so that you can plan your beach vacation accordingly.  

How to Get to Grand Cayman Beaches

The best way to explore all of the beaches on Grand Cayman Island is to have a car available. You can rent a car during your stay or use a taxi. However, if you do decide to use a taxi to get around the island, it can get expensive very quickly. Ideally, you should rent a car so that you can explore the island on your own schedule and have to worry about getting back to your hotel.

Is Uber or Lyft Available on Grand Cayman Island

The quick answer to whether or not you can use rideshare on Grand Cayman is “no”.  Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft are not available on Grand Cayman. This rule was passed in order to protect the taxi industry in the Cayman Islands. While you can not use rideshare on the island, there are many taxis readily available for hire. So you should not have a problem getting around using a taxi.  The only concerns will be the increase cost if this is your only means of transportation. Also if you have a tight schedule, such as a reservation that you have to be on time for. Generally, getting somewhere at a specific time shouldn’t be a problem. 

Beaches Located Near George Town

There are several beaches located near George Town on Grand Cayman, which is the largest town and capital of The Cayman Islands. George Town is very populated and is the town where you will find the majority of hotels and condominiums. The cruise port is also located in George Town. Thus, the beaches near George Town tend to be busier and more crowded as there are more tourists in this area. Also, when the cruise ships are in town, there are additional tourists exploring George Town and the neighboring beaches in the area.  

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is the most well-known and popular beach on Grand Cayman. This popular beach is located on the western side of Grand Cayman Island. You will find that most hotels, both luxury hotels and affordable hotels, are located along Seven Mile Beach. Thus, Seven Mile Beach tends to be more busy than other beaches. Although its name, Seven Mile Beach, hints at the length of the beach, the beach is actually 6.13 miles long. You will also find that while Seven Mile Beach is the name for this long stretch of beach, there are sections of Seven Mile Beach that are named differently that you should visit.  Two beaches within Seven Mile Beach that stand out are Cemetery Beach and Governor’s Beach. 

Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach is a section of Seven Mile Beach located in West Bay. This part of Seven Mile Beach is named Cemetery Beach because the beach is located next to one of Grand Cayman’s colorful cemeteries.

Cemetery Beach is a quieter part of Seven Mile Beach. If you are looking to get away from the busier sections of Seven Mile Beach, then a visit to Cemetery Beach should be on your agenda. This beach tends to be quieter due to its location near the cemetery.  To access the beach there is a beach accessway that runs along the cemetery that leads to the beach. There is a parking lot right across from the cemetery, where you will find facilities for Cemetery Beach. Facilities are limited to bathrooms and an outdoor shower for rinsing off. 

At Cemetery Beach, you can enjoy a quiet beach. You can also snorkel at Cemetery Beach. Cemetery Beach is of the best beaches for snorkeling. You will see various coral and and wide variety of fish during your snorkel adventure at Cemetery Beach.  

Governors Beach

Governors Beach is also part of Seven Mile Beach.  It is located in the center of Seven Mile Beach and is named Governors Beach because the beach is next to the Governor’s house. This beach can get busy because of its location in the center of Seven Mile Beach.  While this beach is not great for snorkeling, it is a great beach to sunbathe and swim.

Governors Beach on Grand Cayman Island

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is at the north end of Seven Mile Beach. This is a great beach if you are looking for a quiet beach to enjoy. Since West Bay is at the end of Seven Mile Beach, there are fewer tourists here than other beaches that are part of Seven Mile Beach. You will find restroom facilities at West Bay Beach. There are also places to grab a bite to eat nearby. 

Beaches Located in South Side Grand Cayman

The southern part of Grand Cayman does not disappoint when it comes to the beaches located in this area. There are two popular beaches, Smith Cove Beach and Spotts Beach, which are great for viewing sea life, such as turtles and snorkeling. There is also South Sound, which is great for surfing.  

Smith Cove Beach

Smith Cove also known as Smith Barcadere is located in the southern part of Grand Cayman, about 10 minutes from George Town near the cruise port. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a great spot to snorkel that is near the cruise ship port. This beach is relatively calm as it is an inlet and protected from the open ocean. Because of its calm water, Smith Cove is one of the best beaches for snorkeling on Grand Cayman. It is also a great beach to get a sunset photograph at the end of the day. The inlet and the rocks make for a beautiful foreground when taking sunset photos in Grand Cayman. 

There are a few facilities available at Smith Barcadere. You will find public restrooms, picnic tables, and an outdoor shower for rinsing off after spending the day in the water.  

Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach is located in the southern part of Grand Cayman and is about an 18-minute drive from George Town. If you are looking for a great beach to snorkel on Grand Cayman, then Spotts Beach is the place to go. While snorkeling at Spotts Beach, you are likely to see turtles and lots of sea life. You should be careful, though, as the reef is a bit far from shore. You should have a flotation device with you if you venture out to the reef or wear a life vest to be safe.  

View of the sunset near Spotts Beach.
View of the sunset near Spotts Beach

South Sound Community Beach

South Sound Community Beach is located in the Southwestern part of Grand Cayman. This is a great beach to spend the day surfing as the waves tend to be larger at this beach. This beach is rockier than other beaches on Grand Cayman. South Sound is located about three miles from George Town. Because of its location, this beach tends to be less crowded than the tourist filled beaches closer to George Town. There is a small grass area with tables and picnic areas. There is ample parking. However, there are no facilities at South Sound Community Beach. 

Beaches located in East End Grand Cayman

There are several beaches located on the East End of Grand Cayman Island.  You can get to the beaches on the East End by driving a car or taxi. However, it would be ideal to have a car as it can get expensive to take a taxi to the East End and back to your hotel.  If you would like to have flexibility in your schedule, renting a car would be ideal. 

Colliers Beach

Colliers Beach, also known as East End Beach, is located on the eastern end of Grand Cayman. It is a great beach and easily missed if you are driving by. Colliers Beach is about a five-minute drive to Morritt’s Resort and the Wyndham Beach Resort, which are both on the island’s East end. 

Colliers Beach is a great beach to visit. This is not a crowded beach so it is a great place to go if you would like to spend some quiet time sunbathing on a beach. There is parking available close. There are cabanas available that you can use, which will give you some shade from the Caribbean sun. The cabanas are a great place for a beach picnic as well. You will also find bathroom facilities on this beach which makes spending time at Colliers Beach even more convenient. All in all, this is a great beach to swim in and also spend some time sunbathing. Snorkeling at Colliers Beach is not a good idea as the reef is too far from the shoreline. It is better to be safe and snorkel at a different Grand Cayman beach.    

View of the cabanas and the shoreline on Colliers Beach in Grand Cayman Island.
View of the cabanas and the shoreline on Colliers Beach in Grand Cayman Island.

The Beach at Morritt’s Beach Resort

Morritt’s Beach Resort is one of the larger hotels on the East End of Grand Cayman Island. Since there are no private beaches in Grand Cayman, you can visit the beach in front of Morritt’s Beach Resort. The beach is long and shared with the Wyndham Beach Resort. It is an excellent beach for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. The pier at Morritt’s has a dock bar where you can purchase drinks and food. There is a lot of sea life around the pier. If you snorkel close to the pier you will see the sea life that swims around the pier. 

View of the beach at Morritt's Beach Resort.

The Beach at Wyndham Beach Resort

The Wyndham Beach Resort shares a shoreline with Morritt’s Beach Resort. While visiting the beach at Morritt’s, you can also visit the beach at the Wyndham as they share the same beach.  As mentioned above, this is a great beach for swimming and sunbathing. If you do get hungry or would like a cup of coffee, there is a great coffee bar inside the Wyndham on the beach side of the property.  The coffee is great, and they have other selections, such as fruit and pastries.  There is also a Subway on the premises where you can get a sandwich and have a picnic on the beach.  

View of the shared beach between Morritt's Beach Resort and the Wyndham Beach Resort.

Beaches Located on North Side Grand Cayman Island

The north side of Grand Cayman Island is home to a couple of very popular beaches. The beaches are so well known that many tourist take the time to visit these north side beaches, either by driving themselves or through an excursion such as George’s Watersports. Although very popular, both of these beaches are relatively calm and not over crowded. Both of these beaches are must see beaches in Grand Cayman Island.   

Starfish Point Beach

Starfish Point Beach is a popular spot, has calm waters, and is one of the best beaches in Grand Cayman for families. At Starfish Point Beach you will find shallow waters and many starfish that live on the sandy seabed. Its name, Starfish Point Beach, perfectly captures its main attraction, which is the opportunity for visitors to interact with and observe starfish in their natural habitat. 

There are many excursions that visit Starfish Point Beach. Throughout the day, you will more than likely encounter several boats anchored in the deeper water which bring tourists to snorkel at Starfish Point Beach. However, the beach is long, and even with several excursion boats present, the beach does not feel crowded.

There is one importing thing to keep in mind as you explore Starfish Point Beach and its starfish residents. As you look at the starfish, you should not take them out of the water. Starfish cannot breathe out of the water and should always be kept in the water as they will suffocate when removed from the water. It is ideal to view the starfish from afar and not disturb them.

Starfish Point is located on Water Cay Road on the North side of Grand Cayman Island. There is ample parking, as well as restroom facilities and an outdoor shower for rinsing off after spending the day in the ocean. 

Starfish Point Beach. One of the best beaches on Grand Cayman Island.
View of Starfish Point Beach. One of the best beaches in Grand Cayman Island.

Rum Point Beach

If you are looking for a tranquil escape from the busy side of Grand Cayman, then a trip to Rum Point Beach on the North side is exactly what you need. Rum Point Beach is about 5 minutes from Starfish Point Beach on the North side of Grand Cayman. Rum Point Beach is a great place to relax and go swimming or kayaking. Kayak rentals are available locally. The coast and the barrier reef protect the beach, and thus, the water is relatively calm, making Rum Point one of the best beaches on Grand Cayman for children. 

There is ample parking and bathroom facilities at Rum Point Beach. Also, if you are looking for great food, the local restaurant has great offerings, as well as their signature rum drinks. Rum Point Beach is a great place to unwind, spend the day swimming or snorkeling, and have lunch or dinner after a few hours of snorkeling.

Is Visiting Grand Cayman Beaches Worth It

There are so many wonderful things to do while vacationing on Grand Cayman Island. If you would like to know about other attractions on Grand Cayman Island, you can read our post on the Best Things to Do on Grand Cayman Island. One of the best things to do on Grand Cayman is visit one of Grand Cayman’s beautiful beaches. Each beach has its unique characteristics. You will find a beach that offers what you are looking for, such as snorkeling, sunbathing, kayaking, or just sitting and viewing the beautiful sunset. You will not regret spending time at a few of the many beautiful beaches on Grand Cayman Island. It is definitely worth visiting Grand Cayman beaches!

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